Spatial Data Sources

As part of a class in Landscape Genetics, faculty (mostly done by Melanie Murphy and Jeffrey Evans) compiled an extensive list of spatial data sources. These were made available on the course website we hosted but I wanted to make a more persistent copy of them here so they will not be lost. They are listed below the break.

Loading in Rasters

Much of the work in my laboratory uses spatial data in some context. As such it is important to try to be able to grab and use spatial data to in an easy fashion. At present, R is probably the best way to grab, visualize, and analyze spatial data. For this example, I went to and downloaded the elevation (altitude) for tile 13 (eastern North America) as a GeoTiff. A GeoTiff is a specific type of image format that has spatial data contained within it. The tile data has a pixel resolution of 30 arc seconds which puts us in the general area of ~ 1km. First, we need to get things set up to work. # Set the working directory to where you want it. setwd("~/Downloads") # load in the raster library require(raster) Loading required package: raster Loading required package: sp