Chorizo-Like Sausage, First of the Season

OK, after a long summer with a warm and moist garage, it is finally time for the salchichador! So for this year, I’m starting of with a pseudo chorizo. My friend Christina is going to argue that this is not real chorizo, as in Spanish chorizo, and she would be exactly correct.


This is a very nice tasting sausage that showed me how bland our store bought varieties of sausage can be. Despite being a bunch of links, it is a longer preparation (plan at least 10 days in advance) but turns out really nice.


Just pulled the Longaniza from hanging. It is rather dry and not as spicy as I would have liked but tastes great. I’ll have to mix this up with some kielbasa for the Seahawks game on Sunday.

Hanging Longaniza

Longaniza, first time ‘round. The recipe for this was: * 4# pork shoulder. * 1# fatback. * 2oz (this is a whole bottle) smoked Paprika. This isn’t that spicy, and you may want to bump up the heat a bit.


Here is my first venture into kielbasa, a pork/beef sausage. 2.5# ground beef (OK, I didn’t actually grind this myself.) 2.5# pork sholder 2T Kosher salt 2T mustard seeds 1.