Musée d’Orsay

If you love the Impressionists, you must go here. If you do not love them, you must still go here. * * ![](/img/2018/04/B788EFFC-327A-4DB8-BAA6-2BF9C42A84C5.jpeg) * ![](/img/2018/04/1E832714-A3A6-4B17-A6E4-F7A1279993B5.jpeg) * ![](/img/2018/04/FAC4AB52-56A2-4282-97B3-A372AB223243.jpeg) This is the reason we came.

Sainte Chapelle & Notre Dame

Today we walked a moderate distance, only ~14,000 steps. We started off going to a place neither Sarah nor I have ever been. On Île de la Cité, there is a church, hidden within the current Palace of Justice (e.

New Favorite Painting

We are wandering the Louvre today looking big at the Italian, French, Greek, and Roman wings. I found a great painting by Andrea Montegna called Minerva chases the vices out of the garden of Virtue.

The most fabulous store in existence: Deyrolle

If you get a chance, go here. There are those twanky little stores that you find in various cities. Some have interesting books, some have art that is ‘off the beaten path’ in various ways, and some are just magnificent in their own right.

Paris Day 2 - Montmartre

Today started a bit earlier—ok not that much, we did stay up until 23H at a cafe having a bit of wine. Today we wanted to get up to Montmartre and see Sacre Coeur and shop for art amongst what is left of the Bohemians.

Paris, Day 1

Had a LONG sleep last night. It was marvelous after such a crappy crossing the night before. Woke up to the sound of the church bells, “was that 9 gongs?” No, it was more like 10 by the time we got up.

Day 0 Miscellaneous Pictures

[flickr_set id="72157667290371008”]

Paris, Day 0

We made it onto the continent! The flights were OK. There was the predictable 1-hour delay out of Richmond but luckily we had enough time in Newark to not be influenced.

And we are Off

Bags are packed, found to have too much stuff, emptied, and repacked. Phones and iPads have been charged. Chex-mix has been purchased. Only essentials and comfort for the next 24hours in transit.

Paris Preparations

So here is the canonical question, “What do I need to pack for this trip?” Well, I’m taking trying out a few new things for this trip to Paris. I’ve ditched the old carry-on (after literally years of toting around the globe) and gone with something more Euro-trekky.