Sausage Curing Chamber

If you are going to make artisian meats beyond brats and meatballs, you are probably going to want to make a curing (and perhaps separate fermentation) chamber. This is essentially a box within which you can control both temperature and humidity.

Bresaola: Drying

OK, I started this thing on 3 December and let it cure for 17 days. It ‘feels’ like it is cured (a bit hard to the touch), so wrapped it up today.

Lamb Proscuitto

I started this one because I love the taste of lamb. I know it isn’t pork but perhaps it can be given an honorary status on this blog. Fluffy young pork, perhaps?


Who among us does not love bacon? Known as the “gateway meat” to some, it is a wonderful breakfast meat that has slowly crawled into the rest of our days by means of BLT’s, bacon jam, companions to those late season greens, etc.


This is a very nice tasting sausage that showed me how bland our store bought varieties of sausage can be. Despite being a bunch of links, it is a longer preparation (plan at least 10 days in advance) but turns out really nice.


Almost finished with the curing chamber (a post to appear when I get it together) so I thought I would start something that needed it in a week or two and ensure I finish up the project.


Just pulled the Longaniza from hanging. It is rather dry and not as spicy as I would have liked but tastes great. I’ll have to mix this up with some kielbasa for the Seahawks game on Sunday.


Here is my first venture into kielbasa, a pork/beef sausage. 2.5# ground beef (OK, I didn’t actually grind this myself.) 2.5# pork sholder 2T Kosher salt 2T mustard seeds 1.