GeneticStudio - An evolving quantitative framework for the geospatial analysis of genetic data.

GeneticStudio is a project that has spanned my entire professional career. It started as a graduate student when I use RealBasic (called Xojo since 2013) to develop a GUI-based analysis of genetic marker data that didn’t suck. It was then configured in a ollection of several programs across Mac+Win+Linux in C++ using the Qt framework but became just too much of a pain to maintain on Windows (particularly since I do not use windows). This is no longer supported but the source code is available. I then deployed it as an R library gstudio that is still supported and is quite helpful as many people use R in our analyses. However, there are some limitations to this deployment, particularly with visualization.

This next incarnation is built using Swift and I’m not sure how it is to be deployed. It may be stand along, as an app on Mac/iOS, or as a distributed server architecture. Im not sure yet but I’m really excited about how we can leverage AR and spatial awareness into the collection and analyses of our work.

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