Spring 2020 ERAC Meeting Slides

ERAC Meeting

This spring’s Environmental Research Advosory Committee is set to be held virtually (as most things this odd year).

Here is a link to the slides that I’ll be presenting.

! TL;DR: Mostly finished the following objectives but the lab has been closed 
!        since March due to COVID.  Unknown opening date.


Below is an overview of the three objectives and a brief discussion of the current state of the research.

Objective 1: Dealing with PCR Inhibitors.

In previous work, we identified the presence of PCR inhibitors in some of our samples. For these, it was impossible for us to determine if there were target DNA in the samples. This objective sought methodologies to circumvent these inhibitors to determining if JSM is present.

Objective 1 Slide

Objective 2: Limits of Detection

Populations of JSM with a physical census of 4-5 individuals appeared to not result in positive hits for eDNA, whereas larger population sizes showed no problems. This objective focuses on understanding the limits to detecting JSM in samples.

Objective 2 Slide

Objective 3: Using SDM to parameterize eDNA upstream prediction.

A positive identification of eDNA in the water column indicates that JSM is present somewhere upstream of the sampling location. This goal focused on understanding the degree to which we can integrate species distribution models with eDNA template decay along stream reaches to help spatially locate the JSM population.

Objective 3 Slide

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