Setting up Postgresql on

This is rather quick and easy to do. On MacOS, make sure you have Homebrew installed and then follow those instructions.

For me, it took a few additional steps because I was installing it on a new mac mini (in the home office). I had not made sure everything was up-to-date before starting so I had to walk away for a little bit to let it all happen. No biggie.

rodney@rodneys-mini ~ % brew install postgis
Error: The following formulae
  [#<Dependency: "python" []>, #<Options: []>] and [#<Dependency: "gcc" []>, #<Options: []>]
cannot be installed as binary packages and must be built from source.
Install the Command Line Tools:
  xcode-select --install

So I ran this to install the command line build tools:

rodney@rodneys-mini ~ % xcode-select --install
xcode-select: note: install requested for command line developer tools

This took several minutes as I had not updated my XCode in a while. No problem though. Then I went back and ran the command again, which installed a ton of dependencies.

rodney@rodneys-mini ~ % brew install postgis  
==> Installing dependencies for postgis: cfitsio, popt, epsilon, expat, freexl, gdbm, openssl@1.1, readline, sqlite, xz, python, geos, giflib, gmp, isl, mpfr, libmpc, gcc, szip, hdf5, jpeg, jasper, json-c, libxml2, libdap, libtiff, proj, libgeotiff, libpng, libpq, libspatialite, netcdf, openblas, numpy, pcre, freetype, fontconfig, libffi, glib, lzo, pixman, cairo, little-cms2, nspr, nss, openjpeg, qt, poppler, libtool, unixodbc, webp, xerces-c, zstd, gdal, icu4c, krb5, postgresql, protobuf, protobuf-c, boost, eigen, cgal and sfcgal

That took a while.

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