Ken Burns Effect

I’m working on getting the Graduation Ceremony stuff recorded for the Center for Environmental Studies Graduation Ceremony for Fall 2020. It is going to be a zoom-based thing and I would like to put together something that is a bit more polished than just a crappy thing.

  1. Make images into album in iPhoto.
  2. Make new project - Set to 1080p
  3. Look for album in Photo Browser
  4. Check image duration preferences (Preferences -> Editing).
  5. CMD-A then drag into timeline

For each photo:

  1. Select ‘crop’ from transform menu under image. Ken Burns effect will be option.
  2. Adjust the start (green) and end (red) frames to show where the

Multiple Moves:

  1. Burns effect
  2. Add freeze frame (Option+F)
  3. Copy to end and reverse or add on.
  4. Option+F Freeze Frame
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