As CMS for GitLab/Hugo/RBlogdown site

Or "How I've cobbled a bunch of cool tools together to get something to meet all my needs"

Since we are being kept in-doors these days, I thought it would be a good time to try to figure out how to simplify things a bit with respect to my online stuff. So today, I’m working on static site generators for websites (I use HUGO for both my personal ( and laboratory ( sites.

My normal workflow is something like this

The entire site, with all the markdown and configuration stuff is hosted on GitHub/GitLab sites, so when I make changes and things look like they are doing well, I then commit and push the changes back to their git repository and then a bunch of behind the scenes magic happens.

CI pathway once checked into repository

And then through some kind of archaic DNS magic things show up where they are supposed to show up.

The issue is that even my quick blog plots typically must go through RStudio.

That is fine but in reality, for many kinds of plots, I may not have the need to fire up the editor (or even the ability if I’m doing something by iPhone or iPad) to get something going. Sure, I could add entries directly on the repository but that is a bit of a pain and not very elegant. So, I began looking around for options and the one I’m using right now is

So what it appears to be is a front-end CMS that hooks into your Git repository and allows you to use their web interface (which seems to be nice enough at first glance) to create and add content to your existing git repository.

So here goes, the canonical FP and a new onramp to my blog.

Let’s see how it goes.