Audacity Audio Cleanup

Audio Workflow

To set up my system, I use a Yeti Blue microphone with a direct usb-c connection to my laptop. I have the gain set just about half way and the selector set to whatever the butt-shaped (or upside down heart if you will) setting is so that it only selects from directly in front of it.

I record my sessions using Camtasia, which allows me to select screen real estate, an audio input, a camera input, and an output audio monitors. It does a pretty good job, all in all.

Once I’ve finished the recording, I export the audio track by Share -> Export Audio and select *.wav (I don’t have the ffmpeg stuff installed and this does just fine right now). Then I do the following cleanup in Audacity.


Here is my general workflow.

Noise Reduction. This is a 2-stop process, first highlight some section of your audio profile (the longer the better) that has just background noise so that it can create a profile. Create the profile by clicking on the “Get Noise Profile” button. This will allow Audacity characterize your background. Next, select the entire audio track and run Noise Reduction again and this time run the second step.

Audacity Noise Reduction

Compressor The compressor effect tones down the louder parts of your recording to allow the entire clip to receive more uniform amplificaiton. The default values are fairly good for my voice profile, play around with them to see what works best for you.

Audacity Compressor

Limiter Filter This filter will do the complementary action to the compressor but turning up the quieter parts of your recording. The options I use are shown in the image below, which seem to produce the best result for my single voice.

Audacity Limiter Filter

GraphicEQ The next step boosts both bass and treble for the audio. Start out with the presets and then go from there.

Set Bass & Trebble Boost

Normalize This must be the last effect that you use. What this does is scales everything down to a particular amplitude.

Audacity Normalization

See the Differences

Here are the two files.

Before Audacity:
After Audacity:
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