Writing to the CMS

What could go wrong?

So, I’ve been updating the old rodneydyer.com backend website lately for teaching purposes. I’m moving more of my stuff from dyerlab.org to my personal site as the distinctions between who I am personally and what I do professionally generally fall apart. For a long time, my entire identity was defined by my pursuit of my profession—it is a common affliction of the academic types—though that is a story for another time.

I’ve been using RStudio for most of my teaching materials including:

  • Slides via Xaringan
  • Documents via RMarkdown
  • Website via blogdown

And this has worked out pretty well so far. However, there are two main problems with this:

  1. There are times when Hugo/blogdown get out of sync and everything just barfs and you are stuck with a broken site. This is exactly where I am now with dyerlab, I cannot update it because things have changed in the themes and it will not run so I have no way to push new content to it. To the rescue, one Dr. Alison Hill, who is a god amongst RMarkdown/blogdown/online content! In a recent blog post

Blogging in 2021

she outlines some of some of these challenges and shows how updated in the blogdown library have worked to make this not a problem. So I started on this by upgrading my personal site rodneydyer.com and will come back to the lab site later when I figure out how I want to keep it segmented.

  1. It lacks is a coherient way to input data when you are not on your laptop/desktop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bigtime RStudio FANBOI and I do a lot of my work in R on a daily basis. However, this is not something I can do on my ipad or phone when I’m not at my desk. There are a lot of times, especially now in the pandemic, when things are a bit wonky and I’m away somewhere (isolated) and in need of getting some content down. And increasingly, I’m finding myself on my iPad (which for some reason has no natively compiled RStudio/R versions-yet). Well, it appears that there is now a solution to this-Wowchemy CMS.

Apparently, along with Netlify, who is the mechanics behind the static deployment of many sites, there is a new solution that can be run in the browser.

It is not the prettiest version

But it works for the time being. Hopefully, we can get some interface that cab be draped over the top of this one to make it a slightly better work than this but for the time being, it is pretty good.

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