Plotting in GGPlot2 is to built-in graphics as ______________ is to built-in data workflows.
A) Tidyverse
B) Tidyverse
C) Tidyverse
D) Tidyverse

Learning Objectives

In this topic, we will focus on how the following base analysis verbs are leveraged using the tidyverse libraries.

  1. Selecting the right variables to work with.
  2. Filtering records to find the subset of salient to your underlying question.
  3. Mutating and/or transforming variables into appropriate scales, versions, and configurations.
  4. Arranging large data sets based upon one or more embedded variables.
  5. Grouping and partitioning samples based upon sampling designs or other study taxonomies.
  6. Summarizing raw data in tabular, graphical, or other output.


This topic has the following logistical resources:

  • The image above is an embed of the HTML slides created in Markdown. To view it in another window, click on it and press the C key to clone it. Additional keyboard commands are listed by hitting H.
  • A Narrative overview of the content in the lecture slides that goes into more depth on the topic.
  • A dplyr Cheatsheet


Knowledge of the content for each topic is evaluated using interactive data-intensive assessment.