Lines & Polygons

Most data is sequestered in distributed systems, here is how we work with them.

Learning Objectives

In this topic, we dive into lines and polygon objects as well as tackle the ever present “shapefile”. At the end of this section, you should be able to:

  • Creation of both LINESTRING and POLYGON objects de novo.
  • Loading existing lines and polygons via ggplot::get_data() function.
  • Load and manipulate data derived from ESRI Shapefiles.
  • Demonstrate spatial joins, connecting two or more sf objects.


Here are some supplementary sources for the content herein:

  • The Lecture Narrative as a Markdown Notebook.
  • A cheat sheet with some processes helpful in understanding how to work with points, lines, and polygons.


Knowledge of the content for each topic is evaluated using interactive data-intensive assessment.