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Here are the active courses I teach for 2021.

🌲🧬 Landscape Genetics

This course examines the methodologies utilized in the pursuit of research self-identifying as landscape genetics—an analysis of how ecological, vegetation, anthropogenic and topographic context influences genetic connectivity and structure in both natural and modified populations. This topic uses spatio-ecological data analyses to predict genetic characteristics of existing—and even potential structure of future—orgnamsimal populations. This course is intended to help population geneticists learn landscape ecological approaches that may be impacting current movement, connectivity, and strucgture as well as spatial ecologists who know little about population genetic structure and microevolutionary processes. You **must** have a seasoned background in R for this course.

🧮 Environmental Data Literacy

This is the first course in a statistics for all incoming graduate students in Environmental Studies.

đź—ş Advanced GIS in R

This is a graduate course I teach at VCU as the last class in the quantitative analysis sequences. This course is intended to serve in as a 'replacement' for our normal GIS course that focuses primarily on showing how to use ESRI ArcMap. In this one, we focus more on data analytics and how geospatial data can be inserted into our normal R data.frame workflows. Through this course, students will focus on raster and vector functions, data analytics, static and interactive cartography, geodatabase functions, and development of an interactive analysis dashboard using Shiny.