Post to Wordpress from RMarkdown

RMarkdown is the lingua franca of my world. There are tons of times that I want to post something from my markdown work on my blog (either personal or work) and for that there are many options.

Digital Portfolios

One of the key benefits of adopting a WordPress (hereafter WP) site for your own content is to develop your digital portfolio. This is an online location that contains information and other content relevant to your professional self.

Google Drive Content

Google Drive is a great tool for collaboration and reproducible research. It is also works well with WordPress allowing you to embed various content, and since it is linked to a document, spreadsheet, or presentation on Google Drive, it will be updated automatically on your WP site when you make changes.

Syndication Between WP Sites

Syndication is a process whereby you can post something to your site and other locations will detect that you have posted something and then pull in the content to their site, making it look like you wrote it and posted it on their site.

Content Silos

A content silo is a close structure within which we put valuable resources. Consider Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Ello? is it still going?) and the others as content silos. When you see a funny video posted on your Facebook feed, it often difficult to share that with someone who does not have a facebook account.