January CES Faculty Meeting

Here are the slides from the January Meeting.

CSBC Faculty Meeting

Welcome back!

ENVS Welcome Slides

We have just begun the new academic year and we are already getting orientation meetings together for the next set of incoming students.

CES Fall Semester Faculty Meeting

VDOT Progress Update

This is a short presentation on the progress for the VDOT eDNA project.  

ENVS Faculty Meeting

Applied Environmental Statistics

This semester, I’ll be leading a graduate course in applied ecological statistics. Should be a lot of fun getting a group of people up to speed on the benefits of being an R guru!

Life Sciences Graduation

You’re about to be told one more time that you’re America’s most valuable natural resource. Have you seen what they do to valuable, natural resources? Have you seen a strip mine?

Environmental Studies Orientation

Introduction to Environmental Studies.

New Semester!

This semester has a ton of new content and opportunities in the Dyerlab. Here is a quick synopsis. Teaching Population Genetics, should be a ton of fun. Teaching the Distributed graduate seminar Landscape Genetics again.