UVa Center for Public Health Genomics

Today, I’ve been invited to give a talk at the University of Virginia Center for Public Health Genomics. I’ll be introducing the Population Graph framework we’ve been developing over the last decade with highlights on how we are applying it to SNP-level genomic data analysis in non-model systems.

Using Google Drive as an R Data Repository

This is such a common thing to do these days, it is easier to just post this here rather than search through my class notes each time someone asks me how to do this.

Rice Center Presentations

Some awesome presentations by lab members at today’s research symposium. Bonnie Roderique speaking about the James Spinymussel. Matt DeSaix presenting work on migration connectivity in Prothonotary warblers. Jane Remfert & Wyatt Carpenter discussing the Carver Community Project

Per Hour Population Growth

A great infographic of per-hour growth in major cities.

Thanks Research Gate!

March Faculty Meeting Notes

Here are the notes for the March CES Faculty Meeting.   

New sequencer!

USB-3.0 powered!

New URLs

This web page is now available as through the following URL’s http://dyerlab.org http://dyerlab.com because the longer URL is too long and confusing. http://dyerlab.ces.vcu.edu   

Bayesian Models

A three-part introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis by Rasmus Bååth.

R Post of the Day

Fancy pie chart (thanks, yihui, you are a genius): par(mar = c(0, 1, 0, 1)) pie( c(280, 60, 20), c('Sky', 'Sunny side of pyramid', 'Shady side of pyramid'), col = c('#0292D8', '#F7EA39', '#C4B632'), init.