Per Hour Population Growth

A great infographic of per-hour growth in major cities.

Thanks Research Gate!

March Faculty Meeting Notes

Here are the notes for the March CES Faculty Meeting.   

New sequencer!

USB-3.0 powered!

New URLs

This web page is now available as through the following URL’s http://dyerlab.org http://dyerlab.com because the longer URL is too long and confusing. http://dyerlab.ces.vcu.edu   

Bayesian Models

A three-part introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis by Rasmus Bååth.

R Post of the Day

Fancy pie chart (thanks, yihui, you are a genius): par(mar = c(0, 1, 0, 1)) pie( c(280, 60, 20), c('Sky', 'Sunny side of pyramid', 'Shady side of pyramid'), col = c('#0292D8', '#F7EA39', '#C4B632'), init.

New Job

I have accepted and begun working as the Director of the Center for Environmental Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. The Center is a chartered research center whose mission is to… Well, do whatever I think it will do to produce the best research and educational opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students.

Life Sciences Graduation

Pomp and Circumstance Recessional  

Dyer ENVS Research Talk

Here are my slides from the talk I gave in Dr. Fox’s Survey of Environmental Studies course.