Spring 2020 ERAC Meeting Slides

This spring’s Environmental Research Advosory Committee is set to be held virtually (as most things this odd year). Here is a link to the slides that I’ll be presenting. ! TL;DR: Mostly finished the following objectives but the lab has been closed !

Remfert's Dogwood Presentation at the Research Showcase

Jane Remfert opened the Integrative Life Sciences Research Symposium this year with her presentation on Cultivar Gene Escape.

The Enigmatic "Seedlings" Data File

Here is the seedlings file.

January CES Faculty Meeting

Here are the slides from the January Meeting.

Jane Remfert, Doctoral Candidate

Jane Remfert has successfully completed the necessary steps to proceed to Doctoral Candidate by completing her written and oral defense and submitting her research proposal. Thank you to Drs. Eckert, Gough, Johnson, and Keyghobadi for their insightful comments and expertise in helping to shape a dynamic and exciting research project.

ENVS 601 Lecture

Here are my slides from a guest lecture I gave in ENVS 601. Interesting class, only place I’ve been called totally ignorant by another instructor… I’m thinking it was a compliment aimed at bias-free research approaches.

Capturing contents within Curly Brackets

OK, just a quickie here. I’m working with a colleague on a manuscript using LaTeX. The citation formatting for the journal we are looking at uses the numerical citations but bibtex will number the citations by the order in which the \bibitem values they occur in the bibliography section.

VDOT Progress Update

This is a short presentation on the progress for the VDOT eDNA project.  

Spatial Data Sources

As part of a class in Landscape Genetics, faculty (mostly done by Melanie Murphy and Jeffrey Evans) compiled an extensive list of spatial data sources. These were made available on the course website we hosted but I wanted to make a more persistent copy of them here so they will not be lost. They are listed below the break.

Evolution 2016 Youtube Channel

A large subset of the talks given at this year’s Evolution meeting are now available on Youtube. The playlist is here as a Google Docs spreadsheet. The channel is here on Youtube.