Scraping the Web in R

There are times when we need to scrape some data from a website to use in our analyses. In a perfect world, the provider of the data would provide a csv or json download but let’s face it… we do not live in a perfect world and often data that is posted to the internet is done by people who really do not care about subseqent use by others (else they would have made it easy to use rather than just showing it).

Deploying from Wordpress to Hugo on GitLab

This is a moderatly interesting proposal. The main things that I’ve been dealing with are: Getting crap out of WordPress. My old site is being hosted by an outside provider and I thought I’d pick up a new static site using GitLab since they allow private repositories without paying.

Post to Wordpress from RMarkdown

RMarkdown is the lingua franca of my world. There are tons of times that I want to post something from my markdown work on my blog (either personal or work) and for that there are many options.

The Enigmatic "Seedlings" Data File

Here is the seedlings file.

get_map() Problems w/o Google API

There is a persistent problem with the get_map() function now that the google api is required. Even if you ask for source=”stamen” you still get an error asking for the google api.

Landscape Genetics Workshop 2019

This week I’m in the wonderful town of Glasgow giving a workshop on Applied Landscape Genetics to a wide and interesting population of researchers. Here is the link to the content.

RStudio Server on Ubuntu

Ubuntu server is a nice platform for server-related activities. Here is a short tutorial of how I updated my most current version to the latest available by rstudio.org. Here is how I got it going.


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OK, so there is a bit of a circular firing squad going on in some of my R installs with ggplot2. Apparently, you can get various CRAN/Github versions out of sync and a whole host of different. Here is how it started:

Talk at Temple!

Giving a talk up at Temple University, last seminar of the year but one I’ve been looking forward to giving for a while.