How did it get to July 2020 already?

Entering the second part of this most unconventional year, what are my goals and aspirations at fot this next month?

Setting up PostGIS on GCP

OK, so here we are, in the midst of COVID-19. What a great time to start a new project and learn a new skill. I’m focusing on developing a bit of my golang chops and the Google Cloud Platform knowledge to see if we can use these as our primary backends for teaching and research needs at work.

Deploying from Wordpress to Hugo on GitLab

This is a moderatly interesting proposal. The main things that I’ve been dealing with are: Getting crap out of WordPress. My old site is being hosted by an outside provider and I thought I’d pick up a new static site using GitLab since they allow private repositories without paying.

Starting Golang Development

OK, so I play around a lot with languages like Swift, Go, and R. These are all great languages—except R which is crap but those damn engineers at RStudio make it just so damn convenient—and have some really great extension of the previous languages we’ve used in the past.