Jane Remfert, Doctoral Candidate

Jane Remfert has successfully completed the necessary steps to proceed to Doctoral Candidate by completing her written and oral defense and submitting her research proposal. Thank you to Drs. Eckert, Gough, Johnson, and Keyghobadi for their insightful comments and expertise in helping to shape a dynamic and exciting research project.

ENVS Welcome Slides

We have just begun the new academic year and we are already getting orientation meetings together for the next set of incoming students.

CES Fall Semester Faculty Meeting

Life Sciences Graduation

You’re about to be told one more time that you’re America’s most valuable natural resource. Have you seen what they do to valuable, natural resources? Have you seen a strip mine?

Congratulations to Dr. Viverette!

Congratulations to the latest member of the PhD club, Dr. Cathy Viverette! Today, she became the 14th graduate student to graduate from the lab and the very first doctoral student. Take a break, relax, and then let’s get to those revisions!

Congratulations Anna Tucker

Previous Dyerlab member, Anna Tucker, just got her thesis work accepted for publication in Auk. Be on the lookout for the following: Opportunistic conspecific brood parasitism in a box-nesting population of Prothonotary Warblers (Protonotaria citrea)

Welcome Jane Remfert

We have added a new member to our lab, Jane Remfert. She is an incoming ILS PhD Student who is going to work on pollen movement in dogwood. Very exciting!

New Position

It looks like I will be moving into the position of Assistant Director for the Center for Environmental Studies this year! Should be fun!

New Lab Member

I just received verification that Jane Remfert has decided to join the Dyer lab in the fall as a new PhD student! AND she is interested in working on dogwood! Welcome!