Coppa Version 2

23 February 2013. Today, I grabbed a pork shoulder and am going to try out another coppa. This time, I’m doing it in the style of Calabria this time.

Coppa Dry & Taste

The two pieces was hung on XXXX. Below are the weights taken throughout the drying process. The Large piece started @ 1234g. 1022g on 8 Jan. (17% loss) 976g on 13 Jan.

Bresaola Dry & Taste

This was hung on XXXX and initially weighted 1410g. 8 Jan 1043g (26% loss)

Proscuitto Hang & Taste

These were hung on 3 January. I targeted a loss of 35% for both of them but the smaller piece didn’t take as long to get as the larger one as expected.

Lamb Proscuitto Hanging & Drying

After 18 days curing, I pulled out the lamb proscuitto out, rinsed it off and hung them up to dry. There are two pieces here, one weighing 548g and the other 259g.

Bresaola: Drying

OK, I started this thing on 3 December and let it cure for 17 days. It ‘feels’ like it is cured (a bit hard to the touch), so wrapped it up today.

Lamb Proscuitto

I started this one because I love the taste of lamb. I know it isn’t pork but perhaps it can be given an honorary status on this blog. Fluffy young pork, perhaps?


Almost finished with the curing chamber (a post to appear when I get it together) so I thought I would start something that needed it in a week or two and ensure I finish up the project.