Deploying from Wordpress to Hugo on GitLab

This is a moderatly interesting proposal. The main things that I’ve been dealing with are: Getting crap out of WordPress. My old site is being hosted by an outside provider and I thought I’d pick up a new static site using GitLab since they allow private repositories without paying.

Paris Preparations

So here is the canonical question, “What do I need to pack for this trip?” Well, I’m taking trying out a few new things for this trip to Paris. I’ve ditched the old carry-on (after literally years of toting around the globe) and gone with something more Euro-trekky.

Content Silos

A content silo is a close structure within which we put valuable resources. Consider Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Ello? is it still going?) and the others as content silos. When you see a funny video posted on your Facebook feed, it often difficult to share that with someone who does not have a facebook account.

Hello World!!!!

let greeting = “Hello World!” print(greeting)