get_map() Problems w/o Google API

There is a persistent problem with the get_map() function now that the google api is required. Even if you ask for source=“stamen” you still get an error asking for the google api.

Landscape Genetics Workshop 2019

This week I’m in the wonderful town of Glasgow giving a workshop on Applied Landscape Genetics to a wide and interesting population of researchers. Here is the link to the content.

RStudio Server on Ubuntu

Ubuntu server is a nice platform for server-related activities. Here is a short tutorial of how I updated my most current version to the latest available by rstudio.org. Here is how I got it going.

UVa Center for Public Health Genomics

Today, I’ve been invited to give a talk at the University of Virginia Center for Public Health Genomics. I’ll be introducing the Population Graph framework we’ve been developing over the last decade with highlights on how we are applying it to SNP-level genomic data analysis in non-model systems.


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Setting up Atom for Pweave. Or: What the what?

So as a way to expand some of the analytical tools we offer the students at my work, I’m developing a version of my Data Literacy course that will use Python as well as R.

Using Google Drive as an R Data Repository

This is such a common thing to do these days, it is easier to just post this here rather than search through my class notes each time someone asks me how to do this.

Poisonous Plants in the Commonwealth

This past summer has seen some rather spectacular cases of where people have run afoul of dangerous flora, the most recent of which was a college student after a runin withGiant Hogweed–the results were not good.

The Atom Editor

Being new to the Windows platform, I’m on the look for a good text editor that can do the myriad of tasks that we do each day. Notepad is not an option, let’s be real.

Rice Center Presentations

Some awesome presentations by lab members at today’s research symposium. Bonnie Roderique speaking about the James Spinymussel. Matt DeSaix presenting work on migration connectivity in Prothonotary warblers. Jane Remfert & Wyatt Carpenter discussing the Carver Community Project