Grand Unified Site (GUS)

Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. ~ A. Einstein

iA Writer

iA Writer Hey, look at this! A markdown editor that can be used to post to Wordpress! That sounds great to me. There is a simplicity to this interface. It ‘gets out of your way’ and lets you focus on the writing.

Content Silos

A content silo is a close structure within which we put valuable resources. Consider Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Ello? is it still going?) and the others as content silos. When you see a funny video posted on your Facebook feed, it often difficult to share that with someone who does not have a facebook account.

Pulling My Content—I've had it!

Been trying to figure out a more elegant way to provide feedback and carve a bit of a public space on the inter webs. I’ve owned this domain for quite a while now but am just getting around to playing with it more and more.