Cold Smoking Chorizo

[wpvideo VkO9m82x] Cool fall afternoons, cold smoking a batch o chorizo. Very nice day.

Hanging and Smoking Chorizo

OK, so a few more days passed than the 48hrs this was sitting in the fridge, nothing too much of a problem though. I stuffed these in loops, I like hanging these a bit.

Packing Sausage & Cold Smoking

When you are ready to stuff these, mix the fatback into the mixture and then stuff them into pork casings. I like to take a bit of it and make a quick patty in to try out to ‘see if it needs more seasonings’ but this is more of an excuse for me to try it than anything else.

Chorizo-Like Sausage, First of the Season

OK, after a long summer with a warm and moist garage, it is finally time for the salchichador! So for this year, I’m starting of with a pseudo chorizo. My friend Christina is going to argue that this is not real chorizo, as in Spanish chorizo, and she would be exactly correct.

Coppa Version 2

23 February 2013. Today, I grabbed a pork shoulder and am going to try out another coppa. This time, I’m doing it in the style of Calabria this time.

Coppa Dry & Taste

The two pieces was hung on XXXX. Below are the weights taken throughout the drying process. The Large piece started @ 1234g. 1022g on 8 Jan. (17% loss) 976g on 13 Jan.

Bresaola Dry & Taste

This was hung on XXXX and initially weighted 1410g. 8 Jan 1043g (26% loss)

Proscuitto Hang & Taste

These were hung on 3 January. I targeted a loss of 35% for both of them but the smaller piece didn’t take as long to get as the larger one as expected.