Roggenbier - 1st Place Win with 41 Point Score

I submitted four entires to the 25th CARBOY Shamrock Open XXV beer competition in Raleigh North Carolina. For some reason only 3 of my entries arrived, the Trappist Single was lost in transit (must have been extra tasty).

Whey Fermentation - Viking Blaand

So there is a project that I’ve been working on that spans both my cheese and brewing hobbies. There is some literature that exists suggesting that the Vikings used a fermented whey drink for some special drinks.

Independent Fermentation Profiles

Glycol chiller and Tilt progress on three separate brews.

Classic Mug

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Irish Stout

The most common thing I hear when I offer someone a stout is, “I don’t like dark beers…” I think this is mostly because there is only one dark beer the average American has ever tried—and this is usually with Corned Beef and Cabbage on St.

Fall Cider!

As we usually do, my family and I love to go up to the mountains in the fall and pick apples. The weather in Virginia is mostly awesome that time of year and the variety of apples available for eating (and brewing) is pretty huge.

Belgian Golden Strong

This beer is typified by Duvel, the standard for this style. A refreshing (devilishly so) sparkling monster! My recipe put me in at: * OG: 1.073 * FG: 1.004 * IBU: 28 * SRM: 3.

Cider de Matrimonio

I have two friends who decided to tie the knot this October, both of which enjoy good beer. One is actually a homebrewer himself. I’d been thinking about what kind of fermented goodness I should provide to the ceremony and thought that an October event would be perfect for a good cider.

The Dunkel Decoction Disaster

A Munich Dunkel is a classic dark German lager. It is tasty, though not quite as malty sweet as its beefed up cousin, the Bock. I’ve never brewed one so I thought it would be a great time to give it a try.

A Kölsch

The Rationale In my brewing, I’ve been working to develop a system that can handle lagers. I am a great fan of a good bitter pilsner and I’m still trying to work out the house recipe and technique.