As CMS for GitLab/Hugo/RBlogdown site

Or "How I've cobbled a bunch of cool tools together to get something to meet all my needs" As CMS for GitLab/Hugo/RBlogdown site
Since we are being kept in-doors these days, I thought it would be a good time to try to figure out how to simplify things a bit with respect to my online stuff. So today, I’m working on static site generators for websites (I use HUGO for both my personal ( and laboratory ( sites. My normal workflow is something like this The entire site, with all the markdown and configuration stuff is hosted on GitHub/GitLab sites, so when I make changes and things look like they are doing well, I then commit and push the changes back to their git repository and then a bunch of behind the scenes magic happens. [Read More]

Setting up PostGIS on GCP

Working towards online geospatial solutions

Setting up PostGIS on GCP
OK, so here we are, in the midst of COVID-19. What a great time to start a new project and learn a new skill. I’m focusing on developing a bit of my golang chops and the Google Cloud Platform knowledge to see if we can use these as our primary backends for teaching and research needs at work. My boss just gutted my server room and has maneuvered the only person who can actually do geospatial backend work to not work in my unit any longer so I’ve got to get creative. [Read More]