iA Writer

iA Writer

Hey, look at this! A markdown editor that can be used to post to Wordpress! That sounds great to me.

There is a simplicity to this interface. It ‘gets out of your way’ and lets you focus on the writing. There is a great quote about complexity in programming from the Edsger Dijkstra. He states:

Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better. > >

I think iA Writer is the epitome of this notion. It is hard, and everything else being equal—not supported by our community—to keep things as simple as they can be.

Along these lines, there is a notion that I try to tell my students when I teach them how to approach data analysis. Often it is the case that in the early years of an analyst that complexity of the analysis gets bigger and bigger. We are often driven by more complicated models and setups. This trajectory is asymptotic though, eventually leveling off and then the real learning happens. If you plot “complexity” through time for an individual (either a composer, a scientist, a painter, a potter, a brewer, whatever), you will see this pattern of increasing complexity to leveling off to slow and continued reduction. It is during this leveling off that actual elegance is learned.

If you think of “the Masters” in any field, it is the simplicity of their craft that makes them elegant, not the complexity!

So, here I dive into iA Writer as a move towards reducing complexity.

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