London, Friday

The last day in London… ;-( . We started this one out with the quintessential plan. Visit the London Tower to find the Raven Master (known formally as the Yeoman Warder Christopher Skaife of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, the Tower of London and member of the Sovereigns Bodyguard of the Yeoman Guard Extraordinary), take a slow double decker bus out to Herrod’s for some up-scale shopping, and finish it all up with a short stint in a pub drinking a bit of the old ale one last time. Sounds like a perfect time for the last day.

The Tower of London

We contributed 3 more individuals to the expected 3,000,000 that visit this site each year. It was quite a place to see. It is part Palace (dating to the Normans), part Fortress (quite a nice collection of armor and weapons), and much about a Prison (Sir Walter Raleigh was here at least twice before he was finally beheaded and Anne Boleyn was tried, convicted, and beheaded here to make way for Henry VIII’s third wife). More than anything though, the draw to the tower was the Crown Jewels and the Ravens. Unfortunately, we cannot take pictures of the crown jewels, so here is some stock footage.

The ring seems to be missing from this image…

The Tower Ravens, on the other hand, are another deal entirely. Sarah is currently reading the autobiography of the Raven Master to learn more about these majestic garbage scavengers… It is said that if the Ravens leave the Tower, “…it will crumble to dust and great harm will befall the Kingdom.

The white tower in the castle is a museum with a ton of cool historical stuff (armor and such).

You could spend a half day at the tower, especially with the various audio tours that are available. If you get a chance, say hi to Chris the Ravenmaster.

Bus Vantages

We then jumped back on the hop-on-hop-off bus and took a nice ride through the city towards Herrod’s Department Store. We had to transfer lines as it is way out there.

Herrod’s Department Store

This place is absolutely crazy rich. We first jumped in and grabbed some sandwiches from their deli and went out to eat them on the street. Good stuff, I got some nice Chili Biltong (S. African dried meat) as well. It turns out that today there was some speculation that Julian Assange was to be released and the Equadorian Embassy where he has been staying for years just happens to be across the street from where we were sitting. Here I am with the Paparazzi.

He wasn’t kicked out and extradited to the US when we were there… but happened the next week.

The store was amazing, with really cool, all ready for Easter and decked out with the expected set of awesome Egyptian-themed artwork.

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