Edinburgh, Monday

The full day in Edinburgh. A lot of touristing around. Love this city.

Edinburgh Castle


This is kind of a famous locale for two reasons. First, the story of Greyfriars Bobby, a terrier who supposedly went to his deceased owners grave, every day, for 14 years.

It is also kind of famous because of Harry Potter, whose author borrowed some of the names from the graveyard here to include in the story including Tom Riddle, and Macgonagal. It also has some pretty cool tombs as well.

Scottish National Museum

A great museum. We poked around for a bi in here before finding a good meat pie.

Dolly the sheep, first cloned mammal.

Charles Darwin went to Medical School in Edinburgh

Old Friends

We finished the day out meeting up with some old friends, Juan & Murielle. They just happened to be visiting Edinburgh this week too. It was great, Juan had never met Elizabeth and hadn’t seen Sarah since graduate school.

As if the last 17 years haven’t happened….. (ha!)

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