Scotland here I come!

So it is that time of year again… Time to go and teach my course on Landscape Genetics. In the past, it has moved around to different research stations but this year it will be at a specific locale, the PRStatistics teaching building in Glasgow. I did like going to different stations, one on Loch Lomond and one down in Wales but this should be fun as well.

Here is a short overview of the upcoming trip.


For the first few days, recovering from the trans-Atlantic flight, I’m staying London. My plan is to get a lay of the land and then go look at some of the classic breweries. There seems to be quite a few available but I’m going to make a systematic, and scientific exploration of the roots of Cask Ales…


I’m going up to Edinburgh on the train to visit with my pal Oliver and to go by my favorite bar in the world. It is the Oxford Bar, a little, back alley pub.

It is really just a whole-in-the-wall but is well recognized as:

The[Oxford Bar]( long been popular with writers and artists – from Renaissance Poets to today’s Edinburgh International Book Festival speakers – but it is now most famous as a favoured drinking hole of Ian Rankin and his fictional detective, Rebus. > >

I found it by accident and fell in love with the trueness of the clientele. The locals that call this their ‘thursday pub’ are the true salt of the earth. Just sitting at the bar and listening to the conversations remind me a lot of the fictional Northern Exposure characters. People of character and learning and a complete joy to interact with.


The class I’m teaching is in Glasgow this year. In the past, it has moved around a bit, traveling from one research station to another but this year it is at a dedicated locale for PRStatistics. Should be fun. I’ve only stayed a few days in Glasgow, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of it.

Vacation After That

After teaching, I’m on vacation for a week. Sarah and Elizabeth are going to come over and spend a few days in Edinburgh and a few more in London. Should be a great time and I can’t wait to share these locations I’ve come to know with them. Pictures to follow!

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