Publishing from to WordPress from Evernote

I use Evernote every day. A few months ago, I made the switch from Mac to Windows so I could build up my ArcGIS chops a bit. As part of this move, I’ve tried to move over to the entire Windows ecosystem and the Evernote replacement on that platform is OneNote, a great piece of software (and wonderful with inking from the pen) but I just can’t seem to make it my go-to knowledge accumulation platform that Evernote has been.

Since I use it so much, I was delighted to see that someone had come up with an applet in my favorite conglomeration service, IFTTT (If This Then That), can hook up posts in Evernote to publish in Wordpress. Look for it under the name “Publish a Wordpress post when you add a tag to a note”

To create a post, write it in Evernote and then put the specified Tag on the note and save it. For my blog, I use the tag “Evernote” (I know, kind of obvious). You can see all my evernote posts at

The options for Evernote are:

Title: Note title becomes post title

Body: Body of the text (this is where I see if we can get the image inserted above into the post, I doubt it will work).

Categories (Optional): You can add categories to the post (WP Categories). These are set for all entries at the setup level, not per post.

Tags (Optional): It will add the tags you put in the Evernote note itself. These can be set deferentially for each note/post.

So, lets see how it works.

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