Paris, Day 0

We made it onto the continent! The flights were OK. There was the predictable 1-hour delay out of Richmond but luckily we had enough time in Newark to not be influenced.

We were put in the very back of the plane and were able to get a pretty good bit of sleep. Oh and apparently in the 777-200, there are no air fans in the way back for personal use… so while the door is open, we enjoyed the ‘body heat’ of the 281 other passengers on the flight.

It was the most bumpy ride across the Atlantic that I think I’ve ever had. I feel bad for the girls, here they are pretending to be asleep. This is going to be a rough day in Paris.

The RAR B Train

The easiest way to get into town from the airport is the train. It takes ~35 minutes to get to Châteles Station. Very easy and convenient, it was €30 for the three of us. A bit crowded at the end but otherwise a smooth ride.

Île de la Cité

In the center of the river are a few islands with some of the most magical sights. Here we are crossing the Napoleon Bridge to get onto the island. Elizabeth’s first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Crossing onto the Île.

I absolutely love this place. Can’t wait to be able to climb to the top (and go into the crypts below).

Notre Dame

The flower markets. We picked up some cute little hand-cranked music boxes here for gifts.

The smell of these were intoxicating.

Lunch consisting of a Croque Monsieur sandwich & a Pinoc Biere, which is a dark orange flavored liquor that is added to a Stella Artois, located (appropriately enough) just around the corner from Notre Dame.

The infamous Citroen 2CV in front of the famous Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole.

The City Pass

One of the things we did for this trip was get a City Pass. If you’ve been to a big city, you’ve seen the big red tourist busses running around. One of the perks of a City Pass (beyond being able to ride on a double decker bus whenever you want) is that you can get a Museum pass, an Attraction pass, and a multi day Metro pass. All wrapped into one bit of “sucking $ out of my wallet like a Kirby” goodness! What these passes also do is allow you to skip the line in most of the places—worth it. So we had to go find the ticket place and pick our tickets up.

Canal boats. The two center ones are great examples of the Dutch Lemsteraak design (the keel is not under the boat but has one on each side so when you tack, you gotta lower the raise one and lower the other).  

Art dealers on the wrong bank.

All kinds of older stuff in the open stalls.

There seems to be something going on here.  I suspect the Mona Lisa has something to do with it.

We picked up the tickets and it was time to find the room. A shower, a bit of laying around, and making of some plans for dinner.

Window desserts... ;-)
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