Pulling My Content—I've had it!

Been trying to figure out a more elegant way to provide feedback and carve a bit of a public space on the inter webs. I’ve owned this domain for quite a while now but am just getting around to playing with it more and more. I’m not sure this is the right venue, I think microjournaling is something I’d like to keep doing as well as consolidating my content away from the main providers.

Last week, I was listening to the Slate’s Political Gabfest podcastas they discussed the most recent revelations about Facebook and your data (n.b., they were also recently found scraping android phoneSMS and phone logs). Farhad Manjoo said something along the lines of:

If you are interacting with a company and they are giving you something and you aren’t paying for it, you are not the client. You are the product!

which I think it rather interesting. We spend all this time giving our personal thoughts, pictures, likes, relationships, etc. to these technology companies so that we can be engrossed (engaged, enraged?) by the latest gossipy/political/entertainment tempest in a teacup, and what do we get in return? If Facebook were to close tomorrow, who owns all that text, all those interactions?

On the most recent version of This Week at Google, Rene Ritchie suggested that we should probably have some kind of Bill of Rights for personal data. The data we are collecting (by having a phone with a camera, a mic, and a GPS unit) as well as our online interactions are commodities that the we should have some level of control over. I cannot see something like that happening in this political climate, but as we continue to move forward it is something that I think will be of increasing importance.

This is the first step in a conscience effort to centralize all my own content. I’ve decided to use WordPress as a platform to centralize all my online interactions.

This is the journey and it will be televised…

Featured image owned by Christian Colen (CC BY-SA 2.0).

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