Fall Cider!

IMG 4615 As we usually do, my family and I love to go up to the mountains in the fall and pick apples. The weather in Virginia is mostly awesome that time of year and the variety of apples available for eating (and brewing) is pretty huge. This year, I wanted to try out a test of two different English Cider yeasts with the same starting must. These two are: * WLP775 English Cider Yeast: A classic English cider yeast. Ferments dry, but retains flavor from apples. Sulfur is produced during fermentation, but will disappear in first two weeks of aging. Can also be used for wine and high gravity beers. * Wyeast 4776 Cider: Crisp and dry fermenting yeast with big, fruity finish. Creates a nice balance for all types of apples, pears, and other fruit. Allows fruit character to dominate the profile. I typically use the WLP775, I’m a bit partial to their yeast lines but thought a side-by-side test would be best. For each carboy I added: * 3 gallons of freshly pressed apple cider * Peptic enzyme to reduce chill haze * Wine nutrients * 1 vial of the yeast After 24 hours, they were both starting to bubble. I let it go for 2 months and then took the following picture.

2B4AA2B8 9645 4C29 8D97 444DFB9AD44C The WLP is a bit clearer, it attenuated a bit more, and has a crisper taste than the Wyeast. Overall, I think they are very close though I will keep the WLP in the yeast stock for future rotation.

I carved it up in a keg and here it is with an awesome mushroom quiche.

IMG 0938 I’m bottling the rest up and putting it away for next year. Lets see how they age.

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