Belgian Golden Strong

This beer is typified by Duvel, the standard for this style. A refreshing (devilishly so) sparkling monster! My recipe put me in at: * OG: 1.073 * FG: 1.004 * IBU: 28 * SRM: 3.6 * ABV: 9.5% * Calories: 278 kcal/12oz The key to this style is slow and low fermentation! There is nothing worse than that hot fusal alcohol taste. * 11.5# Belgian Pilsner (2.0 SRM) * 3# Table sugar * 62 g Saaz @ 60 minutes * 2 pkg WLP570 Belgian Golden Ale (with starter) I mashed in for a single infusion @ 149F for 90 minutes (gotta get me an iodine tester). Then batch sparked in two parts. My changing system got me to pitching into 1.082 wort, the longer mash time must have done me a few favors. Once pitched, I started at 64F in the fermentation chamber and slowly raised it up until fermentation took off. I then let it free rise the last half of the points by itself and it went up to the low 70’s. At the end, I roused the yeast and set it at 72 to finish out for a day. Then I slowly lowered the temperature 3 F day-1 until it was clear.

I saved the yeast and lagered for 2 months.

When it was time to bottle, I opted to use corks and cages! The reason here is that I’m priming it for bottle conditioning at 3.5vol CO2. At that pressure, you want to make sure you don’t have bottle bombs. Plus, I’ve never corked and caged a beer, so why not try this one? I mixed in 3/4 C sugar and filled the bottles. Prior to capping, I dropped in a few grains of US-05 into each bottle in case the high alcohol and layering had removed viable yeast.

IMG 0933 Now the hard part, waiting. I thought it would be ready for Xmas as part of a trinity of nice bottles to give friends (cider, xmas saison, and this) but it is not cabing up as fast as I anticipated. Maybe next year!

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