Grilled Lobster Summer Fare

The Dressing

I would probably make a larger version of this next time, it was good and wanted to have some left over for the next days lunch.

  • 3/4 C Vegetable Oil * 1/3 C Shallots, diced * 1/3 C White wine vinegar * 1/3 C Fresh Dill, chopped * 2T Dijon * S & P to taste

The Vegs

This is mostly just a grab-back of things that taste great either raw or lightly blanched. The backbone is probably the potatoes and the green beans (my nom de plume Harry Covehr). I started by boiling the eggs, then reusing the water to do the potatoes, beans, and favas. Blanch until each is ready then plunge into ice water to stop the cooking. You want to have them a little a la dente. The rest of the stuff (radish, tomato, pintos, olives, etc) are served cold. Do this ahead and put in the fridge so you can focus on the main attraction.

The Bugs

It turns out that the lobsters in the Keys, where we caught these nice babies, are not _true_lobsters. The species _Panulirus argus_is a member of the Palinuridaefamily. These bugs are sometimes called spiny lobsters, rock lobsters (an homage to the B-52’s), or langouste. As my daughter pointed out while measuring the carapaces, these ones don’t have pinchers!

Preparing lobster is pretty easy. I like to just split them down the middle of the tail and cook on the grill. I mix up the following into a sauce: * 1 Stick of Butter (melted) * 2T Chives, chopped * 1T Tarragon leaves, chopped

And then grill, meat side-down for just as long as it takes to start turning opaque. Then flip the tails over and put on the butter and let it drip into the tails as the shell side cooks for another few minutes (~4). Don’t overcook these, they become rather chewy.

When done, grab the cold vegs, add the dressing and enjoy. Save some of the butter for dipping.

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