Mahi Tacos

This past month, my daughter and I went on an epic summer vacation to the Florida Keys. This is the second year we did this trip. Last year we turned it into a road trip with a destination of Dry Tortugas National Park. We met up with Poppi and had a great time. We were able to get in some good snorkeling in the park, at John Pennekamp State Park, and up in Crystal River where we swam with Manatees. This year, we wanted to do it again since we haven’t been able to spend as much time with Poppi as we usually do.

In the interim, my Elizabeth has become a certified PADI diver and we wanted to make this trip about getting onto some of the best shallow water diving experiences in the US. We also were able to catch the short lobster season in the Keys as well. We logged seven additional dives into the logbook this trip and had a spectacular time with three generations of Dyer’s in the water!

One of the more epic features of this trip was a charter of Cloud Nine, a 48' Sportfish. Captain Greg Ekland was great trying to get us on dolphin all day. We ended up bringing two nice fish back to the dock.

Last night, we dove into one of those fish and had the following:

Mahi Fish Tacos

For the salsa

  • 1 bag of mixed Salsa veg’s from the farmers market, south of the James. * 2 ripe Mangos.

For the Taco Dressing * 1 head of white cabbage cut for slaw * 1 bunch of raddishes * 1 bunch of cilantro * 1 C Mayo * 1 C sour cream * 4 T pre-fab Chipotle sauce * 1 t garlic powder * S&P

For the fish (cut into 1" slices) * 1 T Cayenne Pepper * 1 T Paprika * S & P * Tortillas

We added this to some coconut jasmine rice, and it was a great mix. We had some friends come over and ate them fresh off the grill. They were gone so fast, I wasn’t able to even get a picture of one! I added to this a Saison Brett that I brewed back in May and is currently on tap in the old kegerator. The mix of hot and sour was awesome.

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