Fridays in the Park

There is a ritual that me and some of the ‘boyz’ in the neighborhood exercise every Friday, weather permitting, during the school year. Some of us serve as the ‘at-home’ dad on at least Fridays, and we’ve taken to setting up a social gathering in the nearby park. Kids and dogs run about and we catch up on the latest blovations and plan out our weekends.

There is never any real progress made on anything, though it is nice to get together and enjoy the weather. Often a guitar is furnished and the latest riffs are gone through. I don’t pretend to understand how to play, but it really is a great time.

Today is particularly nice, and even though it is not the start of our kids' school year yet, we are starting a little early. The attendance was low, and much of the conversation was about the summers activities. Nothing too exciting, apparently everyone involved had a pretty good go of it. Just a few short weeks until the whole year start up and we are back into the routine.

It is nice to have a routine.

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