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Breakfast in the Keys
Due in large part to my profession, I tend mark the years in my life by means of the academic calendar. This means that as soon as the dog days of summer are over, I tend to look to the next block of my life.

Right now, I am just finishing up my vacation time in the Keys. Wonderful trip with my father and daughter. We went fishing, scuba diving, and were able to capture some lobsters for the grill. A great end to an otherwise downtrodden year.

This coming year, I intend to open up a bit more and keep track of my activities and thoughts. This is in large part from my recent introduction to my half-brother, Buster. A truly open person and a great inspiration for the quantified person.

So, here it is. The FP. I decided to start off with blogger as a platform largely because I’ve been consolidating all my activities into the various offerings that I already have through google. No sense in jumping into managed hosting right away, it is not like I’m going to start monitizing this space.

Now if I can just get GoDaddy to let go of my DNS records…

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