Recirculating Mash!

Not quite the full RIMS system, nothing able to handle temperatures yet to maintain, just a recirculation system and a pump.

image There are two things that I need to do. I need to get some quick disconnects for the hoses AND I need to remember to always turn OFF the valve prior to pulling the hose off… Squirted the feet a couple of times today.

This is a funky lager, with the following ingredients.

  * 9.75# German Pilsner malts
  * 0.25# Carahells Malt
  * 0.75oz Hersbrucher Hops (90 minutes)
  * 0.25oz Hersbrucher Hops (10 minutes)
  * Irish moss
  * Danish lager yeast

I circulated the wort in the MLT for the last half hour of the 3.86gal 151F mash. Sparged in two sections at 151F (1.25gal, 3.9gal). Did a 90 minute boil hitting 1.052SG into the corny. Cooled to 60, all I could do with the normal immersion chiller, and I’m doing primary fermentation at ~46F. Pitched the yeast into the corny and put it into the fridge with a long blow-off tube. First time doing fermentation in the fridge in a corny (fridge is too shallow for a bucket). Here is the last of the liquid prior to going into the keg and pitching. Look at how clear it already is! I think the circulation is doing a great job and look forward to late May/early June to taste this baby.

image Progress:

  • At 9 days fermenting at 52F, the gravity dropped to 1.016. I pulled it from the fridge and let it come to room temperature for 3 days for a diacytl rest.
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