Bresaola: Drying

OK, I started this thing on 3 December and let it cure for 17 days. It ‘feels’ like it is cured (a bit hard to the touch), so wrapped it up today. After taking it out of the vacuum bag, I rinsed off the cure and seasonings. This thing smells awesome! I had to resist the urge to just slice a chunk off and fry it up. For this one I am going to put it into a casing and theninoculateit with some mold (Penicilliumnalgiovense; aka BacterofermM-EK-4). image

I soaked a 100mm collagen casing in a salt water solution for a few minutes and then stuffed this baby in. It was a tight fit! However, it turned out rather nicely. I then watched this to get a little motivation on the tying up of the beast. image

After tying it, I weighed the whole thing and it was 1409g. The goal here is to let it dry long enough to loose 30-35% of the weight, a final weight of 915-985g. image

Right now it is the only thing in the case.

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