Hanging Longaniza

Longaniza, first time ‘round. The recipe for this was:

  * 4# pork shoulder.
  * 1# fatback.
  * 2oz (this is a whole bottle) smoked Paprika. This isn’t that spicy, and you may want to bump up the heat a bit.
  * 4T dry red Zinfandel (I used Ravenswood)
  * 2T white sugar
  * 2T kosher salt
  * 5 cloves garlic (chopped very fine)
  * 2t Marjoram (fresh if you have it)
  * 1t crushed pepper
  * water
  * 1t Pink Salt (#1)

Grind the meat, mix all up and seal it for 48 hrs in the fridge. I ground it through the largest kitchenaid grinder plate (wish I had one with a larger opening). Cold smoked with hickory for 4 hours. Ramped up the heat slowly to 180 until the internal temperature was 160. Let cool to room temperature and then hang for a week. I wish I had taken weights to see how much it lost during the drying period. Next time.

Note: My smoker died right after the cold smoke and didn’t do the ramp until the next day when I got it replaced.

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