Here is my first venture into kielbasa, a pork/beef sausage.

  • 2.5# ground beef (OK, I didn’t actually grind this myself.)
  • 2.5# pork sholder
  • 2T Kosher salt
  • 2T mustard seeds
  • 1.5t white sugar
  • 1t marjoram (fresh if you have it)
  • 1t cayenne powder
  • 3/4t garlic powder
  • 1t pink salt (#1) w/ water to dissolve I mixed it all together and let set for a few hours in the fridge to get equilibrated (?)

I then stuffed it into pork casings and hung in the large curing chamber (aka garage) for an hour.

I then started the smoking.

Here is the regime.

  1. One hour @ 130°F with no smoke to dry out.
  2. Two hours @ 140°F with smoke.
  3. 160°F until the internal temperature exceeded 150°F.
  4. Hung to bloom.

Packaged up for the fridge. Overall, it came out fairly well, but I’m not that impressed with this recipe. I think next time I’ll with a water bath approach. That being said, sausage is sausage and mixed with a frosty adult beverage, it will help you get through a sunday of football…

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