Academie Confidential

The book Kitchen Confidential was a really eye-opener for me. Not in terms of the individual himself, but in how he created it as an in-your-face rebuke of the industry within which he lived that focused on uncovering the real nature of the job and the often fucked up personalities of the individuals who enhabited it. That is inspiring to me and I hope to patch together something, though much more restricted in both size and audience, myself. [Read More]

Deploying from Wordpress to Hugo on GitLab

This is a moderatly interesting proposal. The main things that I’ve been dealing with are: - Getting crap out of WordPress. My old site is being hosted by an outside provider and I thought I’d pick up a new static site using GitLab since they allow private repositories without paying. - Getting things configured properly for static hosting and Continuous Integration. This is a very nice thing ™ - Getting bigimg + baseurl stuff fixed so I can have top images on the posts. [Read More]

Olé Miss Football

I had the fortune to travel down to Oxford Mississippi to visit with my good friend Ryan Garrick and help out on one of his students PhD progress. Early October is usually good enough into the fall season to get out of the oppressive heat and enjoy some southern hospitality. This year, not so much. Sure, it was “…much better than last week.” but still a bit too warm for my likings. [Read More]

Yakutat Bound, version 2.0

OK, as I pack up my gear to return to Yakutat, I thought it would be fun to show the movie I made from the last time I was there in 2013.

Cant wait to meet the “new guys”…

American Barleywine: Polygyle

So I just finished up an American Wheat and I thought I’d use the yeast cake for something big. I was using Wyeast 1056, so it could be any style that does not require yeast derived flavors. Since I recently went through a loss of my cold storage ability and most of my ‘to be aged for years’ projects were ruined, I thought I’d start with an American Barleywine. [Read More]

Rodney's West Coast IPA

Call me old school, call me whatever. If I have my druthers among the cornucopia of IPA styles these days, I kick it old school. A moderately strong, hoppy & estery beer, with crystal malt and some grapefruit, pine, melon tastes. The West Coast IPA. I’ve just switched over to the Tilt hydrometer and hooked up automatic data logging for the fermentation using an old iPad in the garage. Along with the glycol chiller, this is a pretty sweet setup. [Read More]

Starting Golang Development

OK, so I play around a lot with languages like Swift, Go, and R. These are all great languages—except R which is crap but those damn engineers at RStudio make it just so damn convenient—and have some really great extension of the previous languages we’ve used in the past. Recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to serve as the Director of the VCU Center for High Performance Computing (think 10’s of thousands of processors in a building-level climate controlled chamber). [Read More]

iA Writer

iA Writer Hey, look at this! A markdown editor that can be used to post to Wordpress! That sounds great to me. There is a simplicity to this interface. It ‘gets out of your way’ and lets you focus on the writing. There is a great quote about complexity in programming from the Edsger Dijkstra. He states: Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. [Read More]

Post to Wordpress from RMarkdown

RMarkdown is the lingua franca of my world. There are tons of times that I want to post something from my markdown work on my blog (either personal or work) and for that there are many options. I could make it into a PDF and embed it, I can copy-paste and put it in normal wordpress docs or I can have R do it for me. Guess which one I am going to use… [Read More]