Recently published work coming out of my laboratory.


Some larger coagulations of effort that I spend most time one these days.

ENVS Lectures
Partitioning lecture content into the smallest stand-alone components that can be resused as much as possible in a mixed online/in-person environemnt for teaching data literacy and R.
ENVS Lectures
Population genetic software that doesn’t suck.

Father, Husband, Brewer, Professor

Center for Environmental Studies


I am from Seattle Washington, though I’ve been sequestered in Richmond Virginia for a job since 2004. I see RVA as the “Portland of the East Coast” and we’ve generally enjoyed our time here in the Old Dominion. My personal interestes include fermenation sciences (beer, wine, cheese, vegitables), computer programming, fly fishing, and generarlly just spending time with my family.

Professionally, I’m a Full Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University currently serving as the Director of the Center for Environmental Studies. My research focuses on understanding how landscape configuration and human mediated alteration influence connectivity amongst native and introduced species of plants and animals. Here are my Curriculum Vitae and Google Scholar Profile, OrcID if you are into that kind of stuff.

  • Programming
  • Data Science
  • Population Genetics
  • PhD in Biology, 2002

    University of Missouri - Saint Louis

  • MS in Biology, 1998

    University of Missouri - Saint Louis

  • BS in Botany, 1996

    Western Washington University